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The Heera Foundation continues to seek opportunities and collaborations to run and support a variety of event, workshops and initiatives to positively impact and support communities across the UK. Please do get in touch if you can support in any way.

Let’s spread this word and unite together to make the difference that we need. With your kindness, we will be able to provide support and guidance for those in darkness and spread that ray of hope and mindfulness. Let our diamonds continue to shine...

‘We have teamed with Taraki to train members of our team and supporters on facilitating peer support sessions for Punjabis from all faith backgrounds – Sikh, Muslim, Hindu, Christian or other faiths and spiritualities. This is a fantastic opportunity open to all Punjabi Men aged 18 and above. These sessions run monthly, please go to our social pages to find out more information.’
‘Earlier this year we ran a bilingual mental health workshop for the seniors Punjabi club in Sutton Coldfield! It provided an amazing opportunity to discuss anxiety, depression and coping methods. We are very much looking forward to and seeking opportunities to present this workshop to wider communities and groups.’
‘This year we have started to go into a variety of organisations and establishments and give a suicide prevention workshop. Most recently we have travelled to the Victoria Park Health Centre in Leicester and spoke to visitors and raised awareness on the triggers, signs and symptoms of suicidal thoughts. As well as sharing our personalised support cards with the relevant links to other networks who can provide immediate support.’
‘Over a year ago we launched our interactive well-being toolkit. We have created this bespoke interactive journal as well as a children’s emotional well-being kit to give readers the opportunity to work on some of the core elements of their well-being. We are currently working with members to roll out these journals to schools and businesses across the country.’